Born and raised in Piura, a city north west of Peru, my love of art started early in life.  I participated in many art shows as a youth and eventually studied graphic design at Toulouse Lautrec Art School in Lima. Life as a gay man was difficult, facing violent events and discrimination in Peru so I emigrated to the United States in 2003, seeking protection, freedom, and the hope of exploring new opportunities.


As I travel on my long journey of self-improvement and healing, I try to express this personal growth through my art. My inspiration comes from deep memories and the constant desire for understanding and appreciating life and the universe. I use modern textures and colors along with techniques of the old masters to achieve a level of precision and dramatic contrast between old and new styles.

In my surrealistic compositions I endeavor to evoke different ranges of emotions: from loss to pain, survival to happiness and the journey towards enlightenment.  The many different layers I use in my paintings represent the complexity of the human experience, with all its many shades and delicate intricacies.


Life has given me many challenging learning experiences and obstacles, and I have always remained positive against all odds. Expressing that hope and renewal through my art are two fundamentally important professional goals of mine. Adversity seems to be an inescapable constant in life. My work is an homage to our strength, survival, and hope that there will always be a brighter day.

Giorgio Landa© 2020

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